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Fire & Ice Athletics Rec

The Beginning of all Things Great!

At Fire and Ice Athletics, we’re all about fun and competitive sports. Our experienced coaches train our Recreational Classes to reach their highest potential, and to always have a great time.

Young Gymnast


Parents and walking infants ages 1-3. This class is full of fun and safe play for toddlers alongside their parents. Parents must participate in this class the entire duration.

Preschool Gymnastics

All the fun that your preschooler needs! From running to jumping, climbing and more! The perfect class to let out all of that extra energy that preschoolers have! This class is perfect for ages 3-5

Beginners Gymnastics

Beginners Gymnastics focuses on the basics of form, posture, balance, gross motor coordination and beginner tumbling. This class is perfect for gymnasts ages 5-7, who are new to gymnastics and want to learn and discover more about the skills in the sport. Skills taught in this class include but not limited to cartwheels, rolls, jumps and working on bars, beam and vault.

Level 1 Gymnastics

Continues to build on the gymnastics fundamentals of the beginner class. It incorporates more technique, flexibility, and muscle control. This class completes the second half of the foundation for a gymnastics career.

Level 2 Gymnastics

The next class after level 1. This level dives into tumbling techniques and starts working towards connecting skill sets on every event. This is the ideal transitioning level for the competitive team.


This is a precursor for our learning whats necessary to be on the competitive team. In this class the student will work with our Competitive Team and Recreation classes. To join the waitlist for this class click below

Recreation Gymnastics 

We offer our Recreational Gymnastics Monday thru Thursday, starting at 5 pm for 1 hour each.  You get to choose what time you would like to do your trial class. Just click the link and select the Free Trial that fits your schedule. We believe in your power to choose your students schedule!  After your trial class stop by the front desk and we will get you enrolled in your next class. Each Class is $70 for the first class and each additional class (or sibling) is $55 each, with a $40 Annual Registration Fee. 

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